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Suehiro Sushi

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Sushi & Japanese



4431 Corbett Drive Suite 104
Fort CollinsCO80525

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(970) 672 -8185

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11:00AM - 8:30PM
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The Suehiro Appetizer menu offers delightful items that will lead up to the primary masterpieces.

Stuffed Avocado


Tempura avocado stuffed with spicy tuna mix,topped with krab mix, drizzled with our trio of sauces & garnished with masago, green onions & daikon

Miso Soup




Seafood,rice & mushroom casserole broiled with our special Dynamite sauce & garnished with masago & green onion.

Cucumber Salad


Baked Mussels


5 New Zealand mussels broiled with our special dynamite sauce.

Fried Togarashi Jalapeno Rings


Served with Ponzu



5 Pork pan seared potstickers

Fried Shumai


5 Shrimp dumplings with tonkatsu sauce



Pork or vegetable eggrolls



2 char broiled chicken skewers drizzled with teriyaki.

Edamame Trio


Traditional sea salt -OR- our Trio, flavored with sea salt, sesame & Japanese 7 spice

Tempura Shrimp & Vegetables App


Fresh vegetables, fried in our made-from-scratch tempura batter

Hamachi Kama


Broiled yellowtail collar on a bed of cabbage

Seaweed Salad


Cup -OR- 5 gunkanmaki pieces

Squid Salad


Cup -OR- 5 gunkanmaki pieces



2 so shell crabs, fried, garnished with green onions & masago & served with Ponzu.

Fried Oysters


5 oysters fried & served with Tonkatsu aioli

Tempura Calamari


Tempura fried & served with sweet & spicy chili aioli

Tuna Poke


Hawaiian style with cucumber & wakame, garnished with green onions, masago & sprouts

Mixed Nachos


We saved the best for last! Chopped tuna & yellowtail mixed with diced cucumber, avocado, jalapenos & green onions & tossed with our signature sauce. Topped with masago & sprouts & served with home made seaweed chips.


Lunch Menu

Served until 3pm.

Noodle Soups

Sashimi/Nigiri Pieces

(2pcs per order)

Suehiro Specialties

All entrees served with steamed rice

Teriyakis & Bentos


Sushi Combos

Essential Rolls

Single Item Rolls


Las Vegas


Tempura shrimp, cream cheese, yellowtail, green onions, tuna & jalapenos topped with a strip of avocado & Teriyaki

Saturday Night Special


Buddha roll topped with chopped salmon & tuna, Teriyaki, crunchies, Kewpie, green onions & masago

Jeff Roll


Tijuana roll topped with salmon & broiled with Dynamite sauce

Lazy J


Blackened tuna, tempura asparagus, avocado & cream cheese topped with seared yellowtail, spicy creamy Ponzu, jalapenos, crunchies & green onions



California roll topped with fresh water eel, avocado, Teriyaki, crunchies & masago

Mr. Rogers


Yellowtail, green onions, cream cheese, crunchies, cilantro & cucumber



Salmon, our trio of sauces, green onions & crunchies topped with wasabi tobiko & served with creamy Ponzu

Green Eggs & Ham


Yellowtail, green onions, avocado & wasabi tobiko served with Ponzu

Tempura Philly


Smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, jalapenos & masago, tempura fried, drizzled with Kewpie & served with Ginger sauce Roulette 13 Spicy garlic tuna mix



Spicy garlic tuna mix with avocado & crunchies. Play the game if you can take the heat. Get 1 piece spiked X, XX, XXX,(or more)!

Calamari Roll


Tempura squid, Kewpie, masago & cucumber in soy paper, topped with avocado & served with sweet Thai chili sauce

Kimi K


Buddha roll topped with our spicy tuna mix, Teriyaki, crunchies & masago



Yellowtail, pine nuts, Fuji apple & wasabi tobiko

Heart Attack


A jalapeno stuffed with spicy tuna mix, tempura fried & rolled in soy paper with cream cheese, served atop our trio of sauces

Spider Attack


The Heart Attack with a soft shell crab rolled inside



So shell crab & krab mix topped with strips of tuna & salmon, crunchies & green onions & served with creamy Ponzu

Blackened Lime


Tuna, yellowtail, steamed asparagus & jalapenos topped with blackened tuna, thin sliced lime, wasabi tobiko & wasabi aioli

Chef's Creation


Let our chefs create an original roll for you

Some Like it Hot


Yellowtail, tempura shrimp, tempura asparagus, & cream cheese, topped with a spicy garlic tuna mix, alternating avocado slices & jalapenos, then seared with garlic & spicy creamy Ponzu & finished with crunchies, green onions, masago & sprouts

Hearts On Fire


Escolar, spicy tuna mix, avocado, jalapenos & blackened tuna. You'll love the presentation!



Tuna, salmon, tempura asparagus, jalapenos, avocado, cucumber & cream cheese rolled in soy paper & served with Ponzu

Super Chill


Tuna, yellowtail, avocado, jalapenos & wasabi tobiko in a cucumber wrap. Finished with masago & green onions & served with Ponzu sauce. No rice on this roll!

Bering Sea


So shell crab,cream cheese, jalapenos, krab mix, escolar & smoked salmon, topped with scallops & seared with spicy creamy Ponzu, finished with Dragon sauce, crunchies, green onions & masago

Bountiful Harvest


Avocado, sprouts, cucumber, steamed asparagus & yamagobo, topped with tuna, salmon, wasabi tobiko & green onions & served with Dragon sauce on the side

Ode to Joy


Yellowtail, tempura shrimp, steamed asparagus, cream cheese & cucumber topped with avocado & escolar, seared with Crack sauce & finished with crunchies

Matt Hatter


Yellowtail, tempura shrimp, krab mix, cucumber & jalapenos, topped with salmon & avocado, seared with spicy Crack sauce & finished with crunchies & sprouts

Passion of the Riced


Salmon, sprouts, butterflied shrimp & cream cheese, topped with avocado, Ponzu-seared yellowtail & escolar, thin sliced cucumber & green onions, finished with a drizzle of fresh squeezed lemon juice

Golden Dragon


Avocado, sprouts, steamed asparagus, cucumber, wasabi tobiko & carrot, topped with blackened tuna & unagi, finished with Dragon sauce, crunchies, gold tobiko & shoyu tobiko

Eggs over my Sammy


Smoked salmon, butterflied shrimp, avocado & cucumber, topped with so shell crab, sweet Thai chili sauce, habanero tobiko &

Juicy Q


Salmon, spicy tuna, krab & cucumber topped with cream cheese, spicy yellowtail mix, avocado & jalapenos, finished with Dragon sauce, spicy creamy Ponzu, sprouts & crunchies

Resolution Roll


Butterflied shrimp, krab mix, cream cheese, tamago, japapenos & cucumber, topped with Teriyaki seared tuna, sriracha, green onions, crunchies & sesame seeds

Krispy Krab


So shell crab, jalapenos, tempura asparagus, cucumber & krab stick topped with spicy krab mix, salmon & avocado & finished with Teriyaki sauce, crunchies & green onions

Surf and Turf


Butterflied shrimp, tempura lobster, krab mix, avocado, steamed asparagus & cucumber, topped with scallops & steak & seared with Tonkatsu aioli

Green & Gold


Spicy krab mix, steamed asparagus, cream cheese & green onions, topped with ginger seared escolar & avocado, green & gold tobiko & wakame. Go Rams!

Northern LIghts


Smoked salmon, jalapenos, cream cheese, our trio of sauces, green onions & crunchies topped with masago & wasabi tobiko & served with creamy Ponzu

Shrimp Tako


Octopus & shrimp ceviche, avocado & cucumber topped with salmon & gold tobiko & served with Ponzu sauce

Vegetarian Chef's Creation


A unique roll with no fish or meat

Get Sauced

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